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Slash-Addict uses a simple letter-based rating system.  Please include the appropriate letter code with any fic you post.

"A" = All Readers, suitable for most anyone, say ages 6 and up.
"Y" = Younger Readers, suitable for younger teens and older pre-teens, ages 11 and up.
"O" = Older Readers, suitable for older teens, ages 15 and up.
"X" = Explicit Content, suitable for adults only, ages 18 and up.

These are Slash-Addict's Fan Fiction Links.

The single largest collection of Fanfic on the Internet, and the most famous.  FF.net most likely has the largest collection of crossover fan fiction on the web, but beware incomplete stories!

Coming in at number two is An Archive of Our Own, which has gained users as fanfic writers have fled other sites such as LiveJournal after trolling troubles & FF.net after their crack down on mature fics.  (Though, in my opinion, it has a lousy interface.)

Writing Resources consists of Links, Articles and any other Resources that seem useful for Writers of Fan Fiction.

The number one, most obvious research tool.  As it is editted by its users, you should always remember that some of the info may be incorrect...  And, even more likely, valuable info that's there one day may be gone the next.  Nevertheless, it is the single largest and most accessible source of information on the Internet.

Urban Dictionary
A very useful resource for writers needing to know what silly sayings people are using out there.  For the longest time, I had no idea what the hell a 'hot mess' was...  When I hear the words 'hot mess', I think of something I spilled on the stove!

The Free Dictionary
While there is much to be said for offline dictionaries, if you're like me and prefer to use open-source software, you should be aware that many of the spell-check dictionaries included in freeware are often of less than stellar quality.

An invaluable resource for writers.  You never know when you'll want/need a good synonym or antonym!  Though, always remember: less is more.  Some fanfic writers go a bit overboard with their use of the most esoteric synonyms they can find.

In Defense of Fanfiction
An interesting blog post from 2005.

The Ultimate Trek Slash Pairing Generator
A tool for helping writers of Star Trek Slash find new and interesting character combinations.

(Please submit your fanfic by posting it to the forums.)

When submitting your Fan Fiction, please consider the following:
1. Please insure that your story is properly formatted, with appropriate paragraph separation and indentation.  (If your story is just one massive block of text, no one will want to read it.)
2. Please be sure to do your own spellchecking, grammar correction, and proof reading before posting it. (Or find a beta reader to assist you.)
3. Please include the following information with your story: Story Title, Author's Name(Your Alias of Choice), A Brief Summary(100 words or less) & the Rating ("All Readers" = ages 6+, "Young Readers" = ages 11+, "Older Readers" = ages 15+ or "Explicit Content" = ages 18+).
4. (Optional) You may also include your own disclaimer, or else link to Slash-Addict's default disclaimer.  Additionally, you may include a list of warnings and/or list of elements/themes that appear in your story(i.e.; character pairing(s), drug-use, violence, character death, etc.).

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