Malfador Machinations
Developer of the Space Empires series of games.
The primary hub of the Space Empires fan community. (Login has not worked since August, 2015.) PBW2
The Play-By-Web server at (Though not as active as proper, PBW2 login is still functioning.)
Captain Kwok's Space Empires Depot
The personal site of SE community member Captain Kwok. (Developer of the popular Balance Mod.)
Memory Alpha
The Canon Star Trek Wiki @ Wikia.
Memory Beta
The non-Canon Star Trek Wiki @ Wikia.
Ex Astris Scientia
Bernd Schneider's Star Trek site.
Star Trek Minutiae
Dan Carlson's Star Trek site.
The Star Wars Wiki @ Wikia.
Battlestar Wiki
The Battlestar Galactica Wiki.
Battlestar Galactica Tech-Manual
An in-depth analysis of the Original 1978 Series' fictional technology.
The Babylon Project
The Babylon 5 Wiki @ Wikia.
Babylon 5 Tech-Manual
An in-depth analysis of Babylon 5's fictional technologies.
The Stargate Wiki @ Wikia. (Be warned: almost all of the starship length figures on the Wiki are wrong.)
Farscape Encyclopedia Project
The Farscape Wiki @ Wikia.
The New Systems Commonwealth Wiki
The Andromeda Wiki @ Wikia.
The Honor Harrington Wiki @ Wikia.
Please note: Versus debates tend to bring out the worst in people.  In almost every instance of such 'discussions' each individual already has an idea of what they what to conclude and will ignore any facts that contradict their desired conclusion.  ST-v-SW & StarfleetJedi are both biased towards Trek, but are fairly polite.  StarDestroyer is heavily biased towards Wars & is fairly rude about it.  Spacebattles varies, as does FactPile, but both have users who are quite rude.  Sadly, many "Warsies" tend to be extremely rude & hateful.  The same is true of Trekkies, but to a lesser degree.  Most of the time.  (The whole thing is silly, IMO.  I like multiple franchises.)
A versus site featuring in-depth analysis, from a mostly pro-Trek standpoint.
A versus site featuring in-depth analysis, from a rabidly pro-Wars standpoint. (Rudeness & Flames abound!)
A versus site featuring in-depth analysis, from a predominately pro-Trek standpoint.
Spacebattles Forums
A highly active site, which has a forum for versus debates.
A site dedicated to versus debates of all kinds. (Rudeness & Flames abound!)

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