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Coming Soon: my rant about the total lack of orginality in the Star Wars Reboot.

The Last Days on Mars - Okay, so I was watching this Ireland/UK movie, and it occurred to me that there is a sci-fi cliche that I don't think I've read on any lists...  Films almost always portray astronauts as depressed/disturbed characters who hate their job and hate going to whatever planet they are visiting...  You know, that might work for age-of-sail explorers, but astronauts are highly trained, highly motivated...  They've been through psychological screening, and most of all they WANT to go into space, they want to EXPLORE!  But, the entertainment industry tends to get most of their facts wrong anyway, so I guess we shouldn't complain ... it won't do any good. v_v  Oh, wait!  I just thought of another horrid sci-fi cliche - when characters press the 'emergency' button, it not only makes flashing lights and sirens turn on; it also turns off the regular lights so that no one can see what the hell is about to kill them! =)

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