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    The purpose of these pages is not to provide 100% accurate, well attributed information.  There are plenty of Wiki projects and the like for that sort of thing.  No, the reason I'm making these pages, is as a reference for Fanfic writers - especially those who write crossover fics.  I've read a few such stories over the years, and I've always considered that there was massive potential in the scifi crossover.  However, more often than not, there were bizarre inaccuracies or inconsistencies which negatively impacted the reading experience.

    I'll be writing entries in the databank as a sort of guide for crossover writers, or at least as a set of suggestions & considerations.  Writing any fanfic can present challenges.  However, crafting a crossover fic that is genuinely enjoyable and feels believable, is far more difficult.  I've come across fics that were intended as comedic...which allows me to forgive the narrative that has Star Trek easily defeating Star Wars.  Among others were a well written fic that featured Thrawn defeating Picard in a Q-induced dream...  A very long, well written fic crossing Star Wars with Deep Space Nine, which was very well balanced and accurate - save for claiming an ISD was bigger than a Borg Cube.  A Star Trek, Star Wars & classic Battlestar Galactica crossover which was fairly interesting - but hard to follow, with some less than logical plot developments.

    Several years ago, I instantly turned away from a Stargate SG-1 & Star Wars crossover, when two Jedi gated in & were identified as such by Carter - who proceeded to tell them that on Earth, they were fictional characters created by a man named Lucas!  You should never, ever make a crossover that features one franchise as "fiction come-to-life."  That's just stupid.  (Unless it's a comedy.  But this one wasn't.)

    More recently, I've read a number of Stargate SG-1/Atlantis & new Battlestar fics...many of which had major potential, but most were left unfinished.  I also came across an interesting SG-1 & Star Wars crossover, which featured the Ori invading the Star Wars galaxy.  The basic premise was sound.  The way the story was headed with the characters seemed interesting.  But the whole thing felt as though it were derailed by some major inaccuracies...in the first space battle between the Ori & the Empire, the Ori ships were tiny - only 100 meters.  There was also the silly idea that the Ori shields could stop the Death Star's superlaser - even a direct hit at full, planet-vaporizing power!

    Also, the Ori beam weapons were represented as firing a continuous beam - that carved its way to the Death Star's reactor in no time at all.  And that was after it cut right through the planetary shields that the author had said the Death Star had been fitted with!  And an admittedly small detail in the face of all this - the Ori beam somehow fired directly 'down' onto the Emperor's tower - even though the Ori were in 'front' of the Death Star, and the tower -as any fan should know- is located at the north pole.  Also, laughably, the Ori ship that killed the Death Star was itself destroyed by the Executor ramming it - suggesting that the kinetic energy of an SSD is much greater than the power of the Superlaser.

    These sorts of things indicate a failure to properly balance the crossover, as well as an ignorance of physics.  True, it's just fanfic.  But, that kind of thinking is exactly what keeps fanfic from being of better quality.

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